Trust and Emotional Safety

Reflection: How has trust and emotional safety been challenged in your relationship? Were there large agreements that were broken, or a series of small disappointment or let-downs.  Is there any aspect of the broken trust that you can empower yourself to own? For example, were any of your expectations unrealistic?

Reflection: Where in the dance are you and your partner stumbling? What behaviors or expectations can you shift to move more gracefully with your partner?  What is one firm commitment you can make this week to enhance the trust and emotional safety in your relationship?

Trust and Emotional Safety Self-Assessment

Mark each statement as: Almost Always, Often, Sometimes, Rarely.

I directly express my thoughts, feelings, need and wants to my partner.

I go along with things that are not my preference to avoid conflict.

I filter/ change my words out of worry I’ll be judged or they’ll be used against me in the future.

I feel the need to snoop into my partner’s private life.

I have checked my partners phone/ email/ social media accounts.

I use passive aggressive behaviors or drop subtle hints for my partner to get the message.

During sex, I feel connected to my partner, and he/ she knows what I need and like.

I hold back in telling/ showing my what I want in our sex life.

My partner and I look each other in the eye during sex.

My partner and I share space but I still feel alone.

I lie to my partner to avoid conflict.

When I’m frustrated or disappointed I roll my eyes, shut my partner down, or make derogatory comments.

I withdraw or withhold from my partner when I’m angry or upset.

I blame my partner for challenges in our relationship.

I listen with love and support when my partner expresses his/ her opinions and feelings, even when I disagree or don’t understand.