Couples with premarital education reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years.

-Journal of Family Psychology


premarital coaching:

Empower your marriage from the start

You’re devoting energy, time and money into creating a blissful wedding day. So doesn’t it make sense to invest in ensuring your marriage is as beautiful and fulfilling as it can be? Our unique couple-to-couple coaching will empower your marriage to have love and partnership for a lifetime.

You may know your partner better than anyone else on the planet. But even the most connected couples need guidance in having conversations about deeper topics such as expectations, needs, values, money, family ideals, and intimacy.

How do you keep your marriage filled with love, openness, joy, appreciation and passion? How do you navigate the challenges of marriage without drifting apart? 

Romantic, emotionally committed partnerships are complicated, often messy, sometimes painful AND ultimately fulfilling in a way that no other relationship in our human existence can match. Lori Kret and Jeff Cole are married, licensed therapists with over 20 years of combined experience working on the front lines of love. Through this book you’ll learn their greatest insights into creating a successful marriage, discover how to bring your best self to your relationship, and create a deeper and more powerful connection with your fiancé.

With this book this book you will: 

  • Discover the 5 elements of a loving and lasting marriage

  • Learn how to navigate the main marriage sticking points (including finances, family, and intimacy) 

  • Explore your and your partner’s emotional drivers to help you overcome any conflict

  • Learn through examples of clients and from the authors’ own marriage about common relationship challenges and how they were overcome.  

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How We’re different: 

Most other coaches offer quick fixes like 7 Steps to Better Communication or 5 Ways to Avoid Conflict. But if understanding and changing behavior were that easy, there wouldn’t be an over 50 percent divorce rate in the US. 

We offer unique couple-to-couple premarital coaching and counseling programs to help you understand and connect to each other’s unspoken needs, wants, values and perspectives. We’ll build on the strengths of your relationship and also shed light on the root causes and factors for why you and your partner interact the way you do—especially in times of stress, conflict and elevated emotions. With this new understanding and awareness, you’ll be empowered to successfully navigate any challenges that arise in your marriage, and continue to deepen your bond for years to come.  


premarital coaching program: 

Our program is based on our Five Essential Elements of healthy, fulfilling and sustainable relationships:

      • Trust and Emotional Safety

      • Mindful Communication

      • Intimacy and Sexuality

      • Identity and Individuality

      • Partnership and Roles

How it works:

The never-ending list of things to accomplish before you get married can distract you from what’s most important: building a secure foundation for the journey you are about to embark on with the one you love most. Your wedding day will come and go. But, with both feet in and a committed investment, your marriage can last a lifetime. Premarital counseling can be a powerful way for you and your partner to prepare for the life you are creating together.

In Person, By Skype or By Phone:

  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire assessing strengths and growth opportunities in the 5 Key Relationship Elements

  • Six one hour couple-to-couple sessions exploring five essential elements, and custom tailored to your unique needs

  • ARI written summary of insights, strengths, roots of challenges and possibilities

  • Optional follow-up coaching for additional investment

THREE DAY Private Premarital Workshop includes:

  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire assessing strengths and growth opportunities in the 5 Key Relationship Elements

  • DISC Assessment to increase awareness of behavior patterns in normal conditions and under stress (conflict)

  • Schedule of Coaching:

    • Day 1: 1/2 day, Day 2: Full day with breaks, Day 3: 1/2 day

    • At least one hour of individual work with Lori or Jeff

  • ARI written summary of insights, strengths, roots of challenges and possibilities

  • 1 hour follow-up session via phone or Skype

  • Optional follow-up coaching for additional investment

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Location Options:

In Aspen, CO:  Client travel, lodging and meals are not included. Client lodging must consist of suite style hotel room, condominium or larger to accommodate coaching sessions.

Outside of Aspen:  Lori and Jeff will travel to client locations.  Cost of travel and accommodations are in addition to cost of weekend intensive.