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The Impact of Relationships on Community: An Interview with Aspen Public Radio

Relationships are hard work, but Lori Kret and Jeff Cole believe that work is one of the most important things people can do. They are both licensed psychotherapists and board certified coaches. Together, they began Aspen Relationship Institute. On Aspen Public Radio’s Cross Currents, Jeff and Lori discuss the unique challenges that face couples in Aspen. They say healthy relationships are critical because of the “ripple effect” they have on the rest of the community.

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She Said, He Said: Do I Need Someone More Independent?

Dear Jeff and Lori

I love my girlfriend and thought I might want to marry her. We’ve been together for 2 years, and she moved in 6 months ago. I feel like we’re always together. I used to love spending time with her, but lately I’ve been getting annoyed that’s she’s always around. We have a small apartment, so it’s hard to have time alone. I love her, but am starting to wonder if I need to be with someone who’s more independent.  

Signed, Wanting space

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